Dermal Filler

Over time, skin can lose its elasticity and smoothness, but you can keep wrinkles and folds at bay with the help of Dermal Fillers. As we grow older, the underlying tissues, which give our skin a plump, youthful appearance tend to break down, resulting in laughter lines and crow’s feet. Dermal Fillers work to combat this problem.

When injected below the skin, they can pump up sunken or creased areas to help you regain the fullness of youth. Dermal Fillers, such as Lip or Cheek Fillers, can be used to give better definition to facial features. Get a plumper pout or enjoy sharper looking cheekbones with expert Cheek Fillers.

Our Dermal Fillers also contain a local anaesthetic, which makes the injection process especially gentle. This treatment is suitable for all types of skin and no skin test is required.

Dermal Fillers are fast, safe and reliable and typically last between six and nine months.

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